All That You Can't Take With You,2012.
Pen on paper,steel and plywood. 93x68cm.

Janus Head. 2012.
Steel, plastic ties and plywood. 43x22x20cm.

Lying Awake in an Empty Building. 2011.
Aluminium,plaster board and wooden pallet. 40x50x45cm.

Soul Delay.2011.
Aluminium and silver insulation. 22x24x14cm.

Aluminium, steel and chipboard. 45x45x50cm.

They Bedded Down for the Night, 2011.
Woolen blanket, plastic ties and hard board. 30x20x15cm.

Too Many Worries.
Aluminium. 22 x 36 x 7 cm BE/032/09 2009

A House in Vienna. 2007.
Aluminium. 30x18x35cm.

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