The Messanger and theKey.
Aluminium, acrylic, a meteorite Acrylic: 150 cm diameter Aluminim: 20 x 105 x 25cm 2014

Steel, acrylic, mahogany 122 x 42 x 34cm 2014

Til there was Nothing Left.
Steel, aluminium, plastic ties 112 x 50 x 26cm 2014

Bright objects all around us.
Steel, fluorescent lights, plastic ties, coloured filter paper 120 x 44 x 23cm 2014

Night Falls. 2012.
Acrylic board, polystyrene and toothpicks. 58x22cm.

Made in China.
Porcelain, Styrofoam and wood. 71 x 45 x 21 cm 2013

Shine a Light. 2012.
Florescent light, plastic ties, stainless steel and yellow filter paper. 110x44x22cm.

Day for Night.2012.
Florescent lights, plastic ties, acrylic board and blue filter paper.(h)138cm, Base 120cm.

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